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Clean Air Solutions

From the Owner:

Vermont Crisp Air offers portable air purification systems for home and office use that have proven performance in solving indoor air quality concerns. We now offer a line of efficient pureHeat portable heaters, pureWash laundry, Hard Water Genie, and some interesting power saving products including led lighting. Our air purifier technology is best known for its ability to eliminate unwanted odors from a living space. Odors from pets, people, and smoke of any kind, bathrooms, basements, or cooking are reported to disappear by our customers most frequently. The top of the line Greentech pureAir 3000 has technology proven to do more than eliminate unwanted odors. It can actually drastically reduce bacteria in the air and on surfaces and reduce allergens with a washable electrostatic filter.

I now offer odor removal services using High Powered Ozone shock treatments to eliminate odors and kill germs in houses, offices , cars, boats, RV's etc. A repair service is available for your older Alpine, Ecoquest or Greentech air purifiers. Please call Brice for details.

In 1998 I purchased a Vermont “fixer upper” house originally built in 1865. This was a typical old house with normal old house problems as well as some unique indoor air quality issues of it’s own. A musty smelling partial dirt floor cellar is not the only problem I noticed. The house had been previously rented by people who cared for special needs teens. Some extremely foul odors permeated the interior of the home.

After cleaning and painting, I noticed some improvement, however a lingering indescribable odor remained. Soon after this I met a person who was selling an air purifier that she claimed would eliminate odors in the house. Reluctantly I agreed to try the machine for a few days. The result was so amazing to me that I became a dealer for the company and Vermont Crisp Air was born. Since then I have sold hundreds of air purifiers. Though the technology has evolved the principal of how they work is the same as well as the great results.

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